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About us

Welcome to BrookRock Wholesaler/Regional Distributors, where we have been building partnerships with businesses just like yours over the past few years. Throughout the years, our customers have come to know us as simply “BrookRock”—that’s the reputation we’ve built and our customers thrive on. We are family owned and operated at every level to make sure you have the edge needed in an increasingly competitive market.

Quality Service

At BrookRock, our overall focus is to “Provide Quality Service & Quality Products at Quality Prices!” We always want your shelves to be stocked! We always want your orders to arrive on time! We always want you to receive the best prices! We always strive to deliver fresh and great quality product! And we always provide the best service possible! That’s our promise!

Become part of our growing community

By partnering with BrookRock, our customers are able to purchase brand-name products assuring quality and consistency in your offerings as well as numerous BrookRock-added services and programs that keep your business profitable. Our Product list encompasses the most reputable names in the industry; the products we offer are very carefully selected for quality and reliability. Ultimately, we feel that this will help you improve your business.