Denture adhesive is a fact of life. Isn’t it true that what you need is a denture adhesive that allows your dentures to sit as firmly on the jaw as if you had your own teeth again, giving you a completely natural feeling when you talk, laugh, eat or drink?

Most denture adhesives work by suction. For many denture wearers, however, this is not enough and slippage is a real problem because it can interfere with your ability to bite and chew and can even affect your speech, as well as allow food particles to get trapped underneath your dentures. In addition, typical denture adhesives have a taste that interferes with the flavor of foods. Plus denture adhesive can dissolve and particles wind up being swallowed.

Seeing the need for something better, a new technology for denture adhesive was developed. SECURE® was a denture adhesive that does not work by suction, (which allows for slippage) but actually forms a safe, secure bond with the gums.

SECURE® – The first denture adhesive that is non-water soluble. That means, unlike conventional denture adhesives, it is not dissolved by liquids or saliva. None of it is swallowed, does not alter taste, and requires only one application a day.

If you’re a denture wearer, you’ll appreciate this as reapplication several times a day can be inconvenient and also adds to overall cost. Because you apply SECURE® denture adhesive just once a day, SECURE® is economical to use.


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